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163cm Passion Doll Exclusive Body Photo with Bambi's Head

Please check out Belshanar's photo shoot below.  Thank you, Belshanar, for sharing your artwork.  Greatly appreciate it. We hopes our visitors will enjoy these photos.  Let us know what you think!


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Gabriel Solares Martinez - 7/31/2017

very cool images

jose - 11/17/2016


Ed - 6/18/2017

How about some smaller breasted dolls?

admin - 7/4/2017

Please check out our sites. We have quite a few smaller breast dolls.

PAUL - 12/22/2016

need to make sex doll with 50"+ ass and small 24' WAIST AND 40+" BREAST

charles - 6/6/2017

do you make dolls with hairy vaginas such as demie moore's bush?.

Passion Dolls - 6/7/2017

We can. Contact us for detail.

john - 11/17/2017

Put me on your subscriber/mailing list.

Passion Dolls - 11/21/2017

Check back regularly on our site. We will have a forum soon so you can communicate with others and discussed.

stephen - 8/28/2017

do you do replicas of celebrities? lol

admin - 9/17/2017

We have one, Angelina Jolie look alike.