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Exclusive Doll 163cm Big Boob Doll Penelope

This exclusive big boob love doll Penelope was a creation from the idea of the curvy 155cm Bambi doll and the 165cm K-cup doll. If you likes curve body doll with a bigger and toner ass along with bigger boobs that does not sag then this is the doll for you.  Base on customer feedback and numerous trial and errors we think we have build a big tits doll that hopefully, will be liked, but most people. 

The making of this gorgeous busty doll can be seen below in clay. You can see the progress along the way. 


Below you will find the finished product of Penelope doll wearing a high-rise jean short with a tank top.  Note, that this 163cm busty doll Penelope is wearing real size women clothes.  This love doll is build with dimension from a real-life person, thus you can easily buy clothes to fit the doll, with the exception of the top due to the boobs that are huge and will stretch the shirt or top when worn as seen from the images below. As you can see below, Penelope boob pop out from the tank top.  Also below, you can see the fine detail of the legs.  We pay great attention to her lovely leg as well as her abs, which is tone but not totally overdone.  Not to mention this love doll face is a European with green eyes and brown highlighted wigs. The doll face can be customized with different eye color, wig and makeup if you choose. Skin tone color is also customizable. 


Next, you will find this big tits doll in bikini top.  As seen from the photos below  we were unable to get the bikini all the way down around her big breast to give it a lift as her boob is too big. At least we are able to cover up the nipples.

Finally, here is the nude part of the doll showing the doll boob hanging free naked without any bra or bikini support.  The boob was designed to hold up the boob weight without sagging.  Obviously there will be those that likes sagging boobs, but this doll was meant for the boobs to be as big as possible without sagging. Check out some photos below of this big tits doll:


The three images below will show you this super sexy doll totally naked without clothes in front and side.  As you can see from these photos, the doll boobs hang but does not sag or droop like the K-cup doll.  Also note the detail on the abs, legs, arms and hands.  This is one of the most detailed doll out there. The upper bust is 101cm and under bust is 66cm. Based on this measurement and bra-size chart  it is an M-cup bra size doll.


Last but not least, are images of this big boob doll butt and behind.  As seen from the photo below, this busty love doll ass is tone, firm and in a lifted position. The tone ass and curvy back make this doll look super sexy when viewed from many different angles.   


We created this busty doll with the idea that the boob of this doll should be as big as possible to fit this slender body without sagging and without being way out of proportion. The dimension of this big tits sex doll Penelope is B*W*H: 101-52-86cm. Penelope is now available for sale here Big Boob Doll Penelope. If you are interested in ordering please contact us via email below:

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J.Hiltpold - 11/25/2016

Is it lickable? N Cocking ready?

Passion Dolls - 11/28/2016

It sure is lickable :-) and cocking ready too!

Bob - 10/18/2016

I think you've done a GREAT job with this doll! If I could manage a doll of her weight, you would already have my order! T'Bolt from the Doll Forum

Passion Dolls - 10/20/2016

Thanks for your feedback. We try to balance everything but we need it this height to make the size as realistic as possible. Obviously taller doll means more weight but it resemble more of a real women in life.

Sam - 10/6/2016

Can you guys built a doll w/sagging boobs? That will be a big sale. Micah - The first word in every sentence is always capitalized as taught. Use the shift key where needed. "could we see a side by side comparison to the Merick " It's "Could we see....".

Passion Dolls - 10/20/2016

Chris, price of which doll are you referring to. If you mean Penelope Type A then it is listed here: https://www.passiondolls.com/product/busty-big-boob-doll-penelope-a and priced at 1989.95 plus shipping. I hope we answer your questions. If not let me know.

Chris - 10/20/2016

Yes but what is the pricemail of this beauty?

Passion Dolls - 10/6/2016

As you can see it is very hard to please everyone. We have the K-cup dolls and I'm sure you are aware. We have ton of dolls on our site and yet it might not be the kind of doll some people want. If you want a specific doll to be designed for you, I suggest you build your own doll. We can do this for you but it will be expensive.

Mike McClellan - 5/28/2017

Are these dolls made so one can have sex with them

admin - 6/7/2017

These dolls can be used for sex. They do have oral, vaginal and anal holes. However, dolls are purchase for many purpose including but not limited to sex therapy, art collections, photography etc. Thanks.

Scott - 12/30/2016

I know that they use different types of plastics in silicone to get there form. How soft and pliable is this dolls tits and ass? Have you consider making a video with this doll like the krissy doll?

admin - 1/21/2017

I will look into doing a clip video for this. The doll is made of TPE which is softer than silicone.

Dat Ass - 11/16/2016

Let's see her vag Amirite!

Passion Dolls - 11/16/2016

Hi, You can see Penelope vagina and anus more clearly on another set of photo - Jessica - Type A. This is the same body but different head. https://www.passiondolls.com/product/big-tits-doll-jessica-a

Aber - 10/6/2016

Is she TPE?

Passion Dolls - 10/6/2016

Yes, she is made of TPE.

Lucifer Christ - 11/30/2017

Can I order this body with a different face?

admin - 12/17/2017

Yes, you can email us for more info.

Alex - 10/23/2016

This doll looks great. Can you customize her head? I love the body, just not the head.

Passion Dolls - 10/23/2016

Yes, you can. We also have two more new heads for this doll coming out. If you would like to take a sneaky peak of it please email us. Thanks.

Alec - 10/9/2018

How flexible are your products for positioning? Is it easy to clean one? And how soon could you ship it to my doorstep if I live in California on the central coast?

admin - 10/22/2018

They have hinged joints so it can moved. It is easy to clean. Take about two weeks to make then delivery to you.

Horny cock - 6/22/2017

Oh my God I want to slide my thick hard cock deep into her gorgeous tight ass so badly.

Mark - 12/30/2017

Can you make anal lipsOn the dolls

admin - 1/1/2018

As previous stated on the other blog. You cannot modify the doll anus, but you can change the color around it.

duwan boulware - 7/17/2017

Can the doll be very tan 5'6" dark hair with blonde streaks also is vigina fully funtional. Is body posable to any position.

Passion Dolls - 7/25/2017

Hi, we cannot change the height of the doll which is 5'4" pretty close to what you want. You can choose different hair color and vagina can be inserted/removable or fixed. And yes, you can position this doll as shown in the photos on our sites. There are multiple photo set of this doll. For more info or questions, email us.

Micah - 10/3/2016

could we see a side by side comparison to the Merick - Type B - 155cm ?

Passion Dolls - 10/4/2016

Hi, I will see what we can do about this. Thanks.

p - 2/15/2017

Do you have a show room where customers can view before they put there money down..?

Passion Dolls - 2/27/2017

No we do not. All dolls are made to order, meaning they are made and ship to you directly. Thanks.

Larry - 1/29/2018

I need one, lets talk about the bill

admin - 4/29/2018

Send us an email or order it online on our site.

Sugarg - 5/25/2017

Is it possible to put a larger areola & nipple on the large breast Penelope doll. Perhaps a custom ?

admin - 6/7/2017

Yes, for custom dolls contact us.

Jim - 12/28/2016

Can you do a vaginal insert for this doll?

admin - 1/21/2017

You can have either an inserted or removable. Thanks.

brent wooddell - 10/4/2016

When will you know exactly what the final promotional price will be including shipping? Are there any other costs (taxes,handling,customs,etc.) ?

admin - 10/5/2016

Please contact us via email for more info.

admin - 1/23/2017

Yes. Almost all doll the head are interchangeable with another head. Nipple and areola can be darken as well. Not an issue. Contact us for more info.

Kuwar Ashok Singh - 1/19/2017

Love Doll is looking very good

robert - 1/22/2017

I would be very interested in the extreme busty Leanne, can the nipples be darker and a different head?