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Myth About Love Dolls

When people hear the word "sex doll" or "love doll" they automatically think that people who buy these dolls are used for sex.  While this may be true, what a lot of people who visit our site don't know is that more than half of the people who buy our dolls buy it for other reason not necessarily for sex only.  Even when it come to sex, love doll is not about having sex with the doll. A majority of people who buy dolls for sex primarily use it for sex therapy, emotional coping mechanism, relationship rehabilitation, and sexual wellness.  A love doll for example is perfect for those to practice with their sexual performance or premature ejaculation.  Experimenting with love dolls also gives one the ability to increase confidence in relationship by experimenting their sexuality before getting into a real world relationship.  There are many psychological benefits for owning a love doll.  Here is an interesting article regarding love doll and women:


Interestingly, love doll can provide an emotional or psychological benefit for a man (or women) when they are unable to fulfil in relationship or marriage. While the link below indicate some awkwardness in relationship, the story demonstrates how a man met his needs for relationship that his wife isn't willing or able to fulfil. While she still may not completely approved of this awkwardness she does how indicate she also benefit from it somewhat by saying "I make the dinner, I clean, I do the washing. I choose sleep over sex.", thus no longer need to fulfill his desire which the doll can provide.


Beside using love doll for sexual therapy and wellness, love dolls very frequently use for art.  Some art school now have love doll mannequin on display for student to draw instead of nude body.  What surprise a lot of people are love doll photography are now becoming a hot trends.  Take a look at one of the famous photographer Stacey Leigh who own more than 12 dolls.  The photographer work of art are incredible


and here is another real life story of a photographer in Korea and his love doll:


In addition, to photography, love dolls are collectible items to many. 50% our our clients have more than one doll. Doll use as an art and for display at art and photography is currently a new trend.  Here are some examples of love dolls use as an art:


Other dolls use including use dolls as mannequin or in fashion. In fact love doll originally was a mannequin.  Doll can be use as fashion to display clothes in stores and on online catalog such as lingeries.  When clothes are display on love dolls they tends to look better than mannequin as a doll better resemble a person than a mannequin.  We are starting to see love dolls use in fashion and high end stores are starting to take notice. Here examples of doll use as mannequin or in fashion to display clothes:

As you can see there are many use for love dolls so it is a myth if ones believed that these love dolls are use for sexual purpose only.  Owning a love dolls can have incredible benefit to one lives as it have to many who helps them with their emotional and physiological  needs.  Other own doll as a hobby and other use it for business purpose.  Love doll is more than just an adult toys nowaday.

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Student - 1/14/2018

I get really self-concious about my drawings, especially when drawing nude models cause they always come to look at it. So I was thinking this could help me build a little confidence in my skills at capturing the human form. But it's a little too expensive for me right now, so I'll have to save up. :)

Rafael - 11/2/2018

I'm just saving to get the money to get one. People said that I don't look bad at all. But I am 39 years old and never get my first girlfriend yet. I just dream to get one of those love doll to be able to be close to a woman. Not only for sex. I need it to be able to give hugs. Sleep with her huging her and bay chain gold and rings. Give her the best I can do to a woman. Respectfully and polite with her will be my top priority. Inside my mind I can give her life and imagine her reactions and I will bay flowers to that love doll some day I will get.

admin - 11/19/2018

Hi, you are not alone. Believe it or not, there are a lot of guys like you.

allan rogers - 11/15/2017

i love gigantic breast sex doll

Jonathan - 1/26/2018

I do not have sex with my sex doll. To me, it is the closest replacement to being with another human. Even though I can t take it with me to go for a walk in a park, I go home every night not feeling lonely because of my sex doll. And I m not a pet person. So my sex doll is the companion I never had.

admin - 4/29/2018

Thanks for sharing. I agree. Not everyone buy doll for sex as some people assume.

Cary - 8/7/2017

You forgot to mention the movie industry Their a lot more disposable than a stunt person Especially when violent scenes take place or wounds and explosions

admin - 8/8/2017

Hi, Yes, this is true :-). Thank you for your input.

Techno-euphoria - 11/30/2017

What is the life-span of a TPE used as a sex doll? Is there any guarantee on the life-span of the dolls sold on this site? What steps need to be taken to prolong the life-span of a TPE doll on this site? Does the TPE used contain any heavy metals?

Passion Dolls - 11/30/2017

Hi, thank you for your question and it is a good questions. Dolls like everything else, your car to your clothes, last a long time as long as you care for them. If you use it properly and care for it, it will last a very very long time. I personally have a doll for more than 8+ yrs and I have know someone who have one for over 10 years. I hope this helps.

Potential Buyer - 1/25/2018

Are there any additional charges for the dolls (such as import fees, excise taxes, sales tax, etc.) or is the price shown at check-out the final price for the doll and delivery?

admin - 4/29/2018

Depends on your country. Some not import fees while other do have them.

Potential Buyer - 12/5/2017

What are the dimensions of the shipping containers for your 158 cm dolls?

randt apel - 7/23/2018

I LOVE your dolls they are goerges I wait to the day I can have one and more

admin - 12/15/2017

Approx 160 x 43 x 35cm

sing wong - 7/28/2018

Interesting article,it has helped to open my mind to the artistic possibilities of owning a doll.I do love art and photography done well.Thank you. Sing Wong