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Storing Your Love Doll

Truth be told, there is no perfect way to store your love doll. How you store your doll depends on what is convenience for you.  Some people have enough space under their bed and would prefer to put their doll right back into the box and push it under. Others like to hang the love doll in the their closet vertically. This blog section will give you some idea on how you can store your doll vertically and it will cost you less than $10.  

One method to store your love doll vertically is simply by using an i-bolt and hang the doll from the closet bar.  Example of the doll hanging vertically from the bar can be seen below.

When storing your love or sex doll, it is wise to cover the doll with the protective soft cloth blanket that come with the doll as seen from the photo above. Or if you choose you may also purchase a clear or white plastic cover that is use to cover wedding dresses or suits over the body. Avoid black or dark color cover as they may stain your love doll. You can wrap the head or cover it with the white pouch that come with the doll. 

Their are different types of bolts that can fit your doll neck, from i-bolt to hook, etc. You can use a combination of hooks, bolts and chains to adjust how your doll is hang.  Below is an example of some bolts and hooks used to hang our love dolls.


These bolts, hooks, and chain can be purchase at your local hardware store or if you prefer you can buy them online.  We suggest you bring the neck screw/bolt to the hardware store and have them find the right size for you. 

When storing your sex doll vertically, make sure the feet is on the floor and we suggest you do not hang the doll from the neck freely (feet off ground).  While we believed it may not break the love doll at the neck if you hang it freely, it might cause stress and strain on the neck overtime resulting in deformity of the metal skeleton. Therefore, by storing your doll by having it feet in contact to the ground will helps to distribute the forces along the doll more evenly, thus, less likely to deform the doll skeleton. 

Some people also find it is more convince to dress the doll in standing position. Thus, by having your love doll in an upright position supported at the neck, will allow you to pull up her pants a lot more easily. 

While there are many ways to store your doll, this is one idea how you can store your doll if you prefer to hang it vertically without need to break your bank.

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mark - 4/16/2017

hi can you get a hook hanger for posing the doll not for storing it

admin - 4/22/2017

Hi, can you be more specific? Do you mean the hook at the back of the doll spine to hold the doll up? With TPE doll you can order standing feet which helps to stand the doll. Although it is difficult but it possible to stand the doll as seen in some photos.

Jessie Riojas jr. - 10/29/2016

I have been looking to see if you sell the heads or wigs separately, I bought a barbie at real love sex dolls and need new head and wig, makeup is wore out and the blonde hair wig is not straight like the one you have, I see one on your website that's looks a lot better barbie than the one I have, please let me know. Thanks.

Passion Dolls - 10/29/2016

Hi, yes we do sell heads and wigs. Please contact us via email and I will be more than happy to help you out. Basically, tell us which head you like. For example if you likes Bambie Type A mention that to us in the email and if you want to change makeup or eye color etc or wigs, please let us know as well. I hope this helps.