Passion Dolls - Comparison and Quality

There are several things you need to keep in mind when buying a sex doll.  First and foremost, not all dolls are created equal.  When you invest in a lot of money for a product, you want the best.  Sex dolls are very expensive to manufacture due to their unique design to mimic real human and the handcraft it need to perfect the doll.  Most of the top notch quality doll are too expensive for the average person to afford one. But with our extensive experience we are able to get you the most realistic looking sex doll or love doll at a very reasonable price.   Unlike other doll, our look more realistic. Compare our dolls to that of other dolls below:

sex doll quality comparison

Some overseas seller also post images of similar dolls, but their doll is much smaller in size or is made of inferior quality. Or they claim the doll to be solid doll, but then send you a cheap inflated sex doll or a semi-silicone doll.  We guarantee that all our doll you order will look exactly like in the pictures and that all dolls are made with full solid TPE or Silicone. See first image above for comparison.

In addition to it ultra realistic design and look, our dolls are also safe to use.  The doll we sell are made of safe non-toxic quality-grade theromplastic elastomer (TPE)  or medical grade silicone.  We use these high quality, but expensive material to design skin to give our doll the soft skin feel you would expect from a real person. Beware that some doll are made of cheaper quality PVC material, so if you are buying a doll that appears to be inexpensive you are likely getting a doll made of poorer quality.

We guarantee our dolls are brand new and most are manufacture directly after you order.  Some seller may be selling you a used product or a doll that has been used for display without you knowing it.  Can you imagine having a used doll?  A doll that someone already used it and sell it to you? Yuck! Furthermore, sometimes during the process of manufacturing dolls there may be dolls that are made defective. Instead of throwing them out, manufacturer sell them at deep discount since they are already defective.  Some examples of defective dolls are those with damage skin, asymmetrical limbs length, or mechanical defective dolls that cannot be seen internally but you will notice it when you attempt to bend or twist the doll body parts.  See some pictures below for defective doll comparison.

Therefore, be careful if you think it is possible to buy a solid sex doll or love doll that cost much less or even a few hundred dollars cheaper from some other sellers. Don't get scammed. Our dolls are priced very competitively and there is a saying, "a penny more or a penny less, Passion Dolls are still the BEST!"

For this reason, it is extremely important you buy for a TRUSTED SOURCE!  We are an authorized USA-based sex doll seller and you can rest assure that when you shell out hundreds and thousands of dollars you will get nothing but the best and highest quality product. And unlike other sellers we provide you with clear English based support without any lost in translation should you have any questions. We have sold hundreds of dolls and see some images below for dolls in our warehouse and proof we are a TRUSTED SEX DOLL seller. and actually sell these dolls. See images below:

love sex dolls

When payment is made via certified check or money order they are send to our company with a USA-based address. If you decide to make payment via bank or wire transfer, you will be sending funds to our WellsFargo or another USA-based bank account.  If you decided to pay via credit card, your payment will be done through a USA source through Authorize.Net and our USA-based merchant bank. This will give you assurance that we are a legit company that can operate within the United States and no funds are send overseas where it will be a lot harder to track. Still not convince?  With over 550+ dolls sold and counting, your purchase with us just can't go wrong. Check out some of the dolls we sold below:

love doll photos

Buy From US.  Buy From A Trusted Source.