Customize Your Doll

You can customized your dolls or build your own dolls. Please contact us to see if the doll you want to buy is customizable. Normally, you can change he eye color, wigs, nail and choose add-on items such as pubic hair. Removal vagina options is available on some dolls for easy cleaning.  

If you did not find a doll you like, please contact us of your specification and well see if we can meet your needs. We also can design a custom doll for you from scratch. Please note design such doll from scratch is extremely expensive due to need for new cost for customize design, molding, and testing.  

We also provide and manufacture male dolls.

Should you have any questions feel free to contact us

Below are some customization you can make to your dolls. (Note, some customization may not be possible for some dolls.)

Eye Color:

Body/Skin Color:

Nail Colors:

Nail Sytle:

Pubic Hair: ($50 extra)

Fixed or Inserted Vagina:

Standing Feet: ($75 extra)