1. Are your doll solid or are they inflatable?

We have been asked about this many times. As you may be aware, semi-solid and inflatable doll does not feel, look or move their body part as real as solid doll.  Our doll are solid doll made of high-quality silicone or TPE.  Unlike other vendor they will send you a semi-solid or inflatable doll.  So let us repeat, you are getting 100% solid silicone or TPE doll depending on which doll you choose.  We only sell solid dolls.

Our solid dolls are soft to touch to feel like human skin and can bend and twist in various positions while at the same time is very durable even after repeated used. 

2. Will I get the doll exactly as in the picture? Will I get the clothes?

Yes!  You will get the exact doll as you see in the pictures. Note, clothes are not included as they are for display only. You will get a naked doll as in the photos.

Don't get scammed by other websites that don't send you what they promote.  Check our comparison section to find out how to avoid buying a scammed or inferior product. Note the dolls in the factory photos are exactly as in the advertised photos, however, the factory photos as you can see is of lower quality because the advertised photos are taken by professional photographer whereas the factory photos are taken by non-professionals, but rest assured you will get the exact same doll.

3. Are the doll safe?

Yes, each doll is made of either medical-grade silicone or premium-grade TPE so they are non-toxic. Rest assure our doll are manufacture with the highest quality without any hazardous chemicals.

4. How can I care for my dolls?

Please see our care for your doll page for more info.

5. Can I customized my doll?

Yes, depending on what customization you want.  Note, it may cost more if you request additional add-ons, for example like temperature control. However, changing different eye color, skin color, nail color, will not have any additional cost, but having pubic hair add-on for example will cost extra.

Furthermore, we can build you a doll from scratch to meet your specification.  Please contact us for customization or visit our customize page for more info.

6. What payment do you accept?

We accept credit card, debit card, wire transfer, bank transfer, and Bitcoin.  We also have regional payment options.

For example, if you are in the USA, you can send us money via email through PopMoney.  With PopMoney you can send us funds from your debit card or bank account with an email address. Zelle is accepted by many banks including but not limited to Chase, WellsFargo, PNC Bank, Bank of America and more.  

For Canadian customers we accept interac email payment.  All Canadian major bank and credit unions accept interac money transfer.  Note, payment in Canadian dollars will need to be equivalent to USD price.  Contact us if you want to send payment via interact money transfer.

For other customers from other countries in addition on credit cards we also accept bank wire transfer and certified money order.  Please contact us for more info.

7. Are payment safe?

Absolutely!  Our payment are made through a 100% secure SSL. Furthermore, when you pay via credit or debit cards, you make the purchase through Authorize.net a leading payment gateway, another reputable source for security.  

8. How discreet is your services?

Very!  We understand your concern about privacy due to the nature of these type of products.  When sending you items, there will be no adult-related info on the box.  Furthermore, we send with a blank box so there is no way a person will know what inside the box.

When payment are made by credit or debit card through our merchant, no adult-related info will be placed on the transaction.  We also now accept money via email payment, or bank transfer for even more privacy if you do not wish to use a credit card.

9. Can I ship to a different address?

When paying with credit card, we will only ship to the address that you placed during billing during checkout.  Your billing and shipping must match.  However, if your billing and shipping is different please contact us. 

If you pay via other payment methods listed above you can have the items shipped to any address you wish, however, payment will need to be cleared first before shipment will begin.

10. How long will I get the doll once I order?

It normally take about 12-15 days to completely build a doll once you order, but some may take longer depending on which doll you order. Some may take longer, due to the complexity of their design or popularity of that doll model. Furthermore, holidays and generally between the month of Nov-Feb, delay are likely expected due to factories being closed on holidays and backlog of orders from the holidays. Once it is done, it will take approximately for 5-10 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) to ship to the US.  Other countries shipment will varies from 7-15 working days depending on your location.

However, understand that we shipped the items very fast and with expedite express shipping via FedEX, UPS or DHL and shipment almost always arrive about half our estimated shipping time!

11. How will I know if my product is shipped?

Once you order a doll, it will take approximately less than 24-48 hours to process your order and then 12-15days for production to complete. Once that is done you will get a shipping tracking number from FedEx, UPS or DHL.  If you did not receive a tracking number after 15 days, please contact us. 

12. Can you ship to a P.O. Box?

No, however, based on our experience, customers who do not wish to have the items ship to their location can call up UPS, FedEx or DHL and have the items hold in their shipping warehouse. When the item arrive the shipping company will call you (you can also track when it arrive online via the tracking number) and the customer can then pick it up.

13. Can I cancel my order?

If your item has not yet been process and your order is less than 24 hours, then it can be cancel.  However, once we send your order for processing or production begin or it has been more than 24 hours it is not possible to cancel. Due to the nature of these product, refund and return are not possible.  We never have any complaints regarding our product because we test and inspect each doll after production and take picture of your doll before shipping.  This way we have a record of the condition of the doll before shipping. However, should there be problems with our product we will gladly assist you to replace or solve your product issues.

14. What does Type (Type A, B, C etc.) means?

Types means that the doll have the same body/head combo, but different styling like eye colors, wig, skin colors, makeup etc.  We do this for two reason, first, it give you a better idea of what each doll will look like for that particular style on the doll.  So if you like that style you can order it exactly as in the photo or order that doll type.  

Secondly, while it is possible to customized the doll, we realized that sometimes client customized the doll too much that it did not turn out the way they expect it to be. For that reason, we highly recommend you order the doll exactly as in the photo. However, if you want to make minor changes such as eye color, for example, that should not be a major issue.

15. I did not find the answer I need. How can I contact you?

Please contact us here and we will reply to you within 24 hours or less.