The doll model that was linked to this page has the following customizing options. Only silicone doll with product number in the format "PDEXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" can be customize with the option below. 

Skin Color Options:
dsdoll body

Head/Face Options:
dsdoll exdoll face head

Wig Options:

exdoll ds doll wigs

Eye Options:

dsdoll eyes exdolls

Finger Options:
exdoll fingers

Nail Options:
exdoll nail dsdolls

Pubic Hair Options: Pubic hair cost an additional $80.
exdoll pubic hair vagina

Joint Options:
joint loose   dsdolls joint tight
 LOOSE JOINTS                      STIFF JOINTS

If you would like to customized the doll or make changes to the current model, simply order the doll you want and then place your request for modification in the 'special instruction' box during checkout. After you order email us and we'll take care of your customized order.  If additional funds are need due to the modification (i.e. such as pubic hair), we will generate you an invoice for the additional add-ons.  If you have any questions please contact us.