Lucilla - Type A - 157cm Natural Breast Love Doll Mannequinn

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  • Lucilla - Type A - 157cm Natural Breast Love Doll Mannequinn
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Lucilla - Type A - 157cm Natural Breast Love Doll Mannequinn Summary

Description:  Lucilla is a tall but petite 157cm natural breast size love doll with a lovely and beautiful face with natural body figure. This love sex doll has soft skin that can pose for any position as desire. See picture above for more info.

Skin material: TPE

Internal structure: metal skeleton
Bust/waist/hip: 88cm*51cm*82cm

Weight: 32kg 
Height: 157cm (5'2")
Opening: vagina, anal, oral
Vagina depth: 17cm
anal depths: 14cm
Oral depth: 13cm

        (all data are approximate)

Are you wasting money paying for sex or masturbating while watching porn? Do you have an average or ugly looking girlfriend/partner who nag and complain about sex or don't want sex?  Why not have the full pleasure of having sex with the most beautiful girl whenever you want and as many time as you want?  Passion Dolls is trusted authorized USA seller of ultra realistic sex dolls for your pleasure.  All dolls are made of either TPE or medical silicone and have metal skeleton as internal structure to allow you to bend and twist the doll's torso, head, arms and legs to pose in any sexual position you please.  


Below show the warehouse where our dolls are being designed, manufactured and stored. We are a USA-based authorized seller so you can count on us to send you only quality product and provide you with English-language support whenever you have questions or concern regarding our realistic sex dolls or products. 

sex doll manufacturer 
When you spend or invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in a product don't settle for an inferior product.  You may already seen some real sex doll product out there, but beware that not all real love dolls are created equal. Sometime people purchase defective sex dolls without knowing it.  Here are some examples of defective parts from the sex dolls including but not limited to skin material damage, mechanical damage and asymmetrical body length (click here for defective doll example). Other time, a client purchase a used or display doll that advertise as a new doll or the seller misrepresent the material type that the doll is made of. Some sellers even use images of a larger look-alike doll but send the buyer a smaller doll. For this reason, you may be buying an inferior product at a much lower price.  We guarantee the doll will be build exactly as you see on our product page. So be careful if you think it is worth the risk to just save a few dollars here and there. Our doll will be shipped out from the HK factory brand new once you order. At Passion Dolls, all our dolls are tested and retested to guarantee you the highest quality build love doll product before shipping. "A penny more or a penny less, PASSION DOLLS is still the Best!". See below for proof we are an authorized seller of dolls.


Customizing Dolls

It is possible to customized the doll, depending on the doll you buy. Customization including but not limited to, body size, skin color, eye colors, nail colors, vaginal insertion, and others.  We highly recommend you buy doll as in the photo, since customizing doll may take longer to process and deliver. Please contact us or see our customize doll section for more info.

Shipping & Handling
We can ship our dolls anyway worldwide as long as sex doll products is legal in your country. We can ship to USA, Canada, UK, European countries, Australia, South Korea, Japan and others. If you are unsure, please contact us before purchasing.  We use priority express shipping with FedEx/DHL/UPS or others depending on your country origin and location.  Shipping to USA is approximately 7-15 working days (excluding weekends and holidays).  Shipping to other countries normally takes anywhere between 10-15 working days (excluding weekends and holidays) depending on you location. Most of our customers received the doll much earlier than the estimate date. We shipped fast! You will receive a tracking number within approximately 7-10 working days after ordering.  

Discreet and Privacy
We understand the important of client privacy, and for that reason, your doll will be shipped with a blank box. No identifiable information regarding the doll will be located on the box other than the sender and receiver's address along with shipping info.  When you pay via credit card, your statement will not indicate anything about adult-related product. We also provide our customer the option to pay via other more discrete payment methods.  Please see the FAQs or payment sections for more on payment options. 

Your Satisfaction is Our Guarantee

Our products are build to the highest standard and quality, thus we are very confidence you will be extremely happy with our sex dolls as we have many satisfying customers. Should the product arrived damage please contact us and we will replace or exchange any damage product.  If you are not happy with our product, please contact us and we will gladly help.

We are an authorized USA seller of the most realistic silicone sex dolls or realistic TPE sex dolls. Our dolls are so real, you can feel the passion!

Buy From Us. Buy From The Best. Buy From A Trusted Source.

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