Storing Your Love Doll


After purchasing your love doll, you might wonder what is the best way to store your doll. There is no perfect answer to this question, but it depends on the space you have that is available for you to store them. Many people have come up with creative ways to store their sex doll and this blog is dedicated to some ideas as to how you can store your doll.

Myth About Love Dolls


Love dolls are used for many things and not just sex. While sex is one use for doll, a lot of people do not realized that love dolls are also used for art, photography, therapy, coping mechanism, anatomical study and even research. To learn more about the use of love dolls check out this blog.

Exclusive Doll 163cm Big Boob Doll Penelope


This is our third exclusive sex doll designed by our creative team. Penelope, is a busty big tits love doll with a curve body and toned ass. If you loves big boobs without sagging and a body that is curve and slender this is a perfect doll for you. Check out this blog section to read more about the making of this big boob doll Penelope.

162cm Krissy Doll Wiggliest Bubble Butt Videos


On this blog, you'll find a short clips of various videos of Krissy's bubble butts. While photos can show you her curves and figures, it cannot attest to how soft and wiggling is her bootom. Here you will will be able to see for yourself why Krissy has the best bubble butt doll of them all.

163cm Passion Doll Exclusive Body Photo with Bambi's Head


Here you will find photographs taken by one of our client Belshanar, who is kind enough to showcase his artwork and photograph of our exclusive Penelope 163cm doll with Bambi's head. Here you'll find the lovely doll on a Volkswagen posing in various positions. Enjoy.

Exclusive Doll 146cm Fitness Doll Nikki


If you are looking for an athletic doll or fitness doll with tone and fit body, look no further than our latest doll Nikki. At 146cm tall, Nikki was designed from an idea that some of the hottest female in he world are fitness models. See more info about how this Nikki love doll was created in this passion doll blog section.