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162cm Krissy Doll Wiggliest Bubble Butt Videos

This blog section is dedicated to our exclusive love doll Krissy and we'll show you why she has the best bubble butts in the doll industry.  While there are many dolls with big and even larger butts, no butts is more soft and natural as Krissy.  Check out some of her all time favorite ass photos and short clips below:


WARNING: Before proceeding further, I would like to warn you, this butt is very addictive so do not stare forever or you will get dizzy :-)  

Now to the videos.  The first clip show this cute Krissy doll lying down on her stomach with her ass exposed.  This clip will show the softness test and from the video you can see how easy it is to squeeze her butt cheek.  In addition you can see how easy it is to shake it when you lightly grab it with your hand.

                                                      krissy butt

This second video below show just wiggling this love doll's butt is.  With just a light spanking on this doll ass will cause it to shake for a while.  That how wiggling and giggling the ass is!

                                              krissy ass

And if the above clip is not enough, here is another video showing another teeny spank and again you surely can see her ass shake like hell.

                                                         passiondolls krissy big ass

Alright, so previous two videos show you what happen when to give this sex doll a little spanking. Now, let's look at what happen if instead of spanking this tushy you push or poke it constantly. The clip below show this doll ass being poked on the right side and then the bottom up:

                                                          doll ass krissy

As you can see from this video, poking her cause the bubble butt to even shake more. Furthermore, look at how the two butt cheeks slap against each other.  Now you can see why this is the best doll butt ever!

Now for the latest update is a clip of Krissy's ass got grab and shake.

                                                           krissy bubble butt

As you can see from the video above the butts still continue to shake for a few seconds after the hand has been removed from her ass. And if you look closely you can see her butt cheeks not only shake side-way but it also jump up and down vertically.

Check out the current Krissy Doll below:

Krissy Type A   /  Krissy Type B  /  Krissy Type C  /  Krissy Type D  /  Krissy Type E  /  Krissy Type F

We will try to get more clips soon, so stay butt tune! Share your comments with us.

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Darryl - 8/17/2017

Why is this krissy doll 38 imch Ass, is bigger and plumped more than ..Bridget. Type A ..42 imch thick Ass? ..shouldn't the 42 incn thick, Ass doll shap like the 38 inch. Ass but much bigger! ...Why not...please make one!

admin - 8/28/2017

No because Krissy is one of a kind. No ass cannot replicate it. You won't notice a difference between 38 and 42 inches. The thigh may cause the hip to measure wider, but Krissy butt is more bubble, that is sticking out. So measurement should NOT matter.

Shawn - 4/21/2018

Her booty is nice and plump make the same shape, Ass -48 inches! Bigger! Thats it..just make it fatter! 48 -50 inches bigger thats how we like it in the hip hop community! Phat stripoer type booty!!!!

Fausto Bernal - 2/21/2017

I believe that the ass hole have to be more separate from the pussy . More up and almost at the middle of the ass cheeks

Passion Dolls - 4/17/2017

It is. this model has the latest pussy/anus position.

Paul Denton - 10/1/2017

35KG for body only or doll + head? What is the weight for doll + head?

admin - 10/7/2017

Hi, Yes for both the body and the head. Please email us for any questions. Thanks, Passion Dolls

Zach - 1/15/2017

Yes i am trying to purchase this doll, but i would like a way to contact you is that possible?

Passion Dolls - 1/21/2017

Hi Zach, Please email us and someone will get in touch with you.

Mark - 12/24/2017

I would like a nice pair of anal lipsAround the asshole could I get that

admin - 1/1/2018

You cannot modify the anus. Sorry but you can make coloration to it, like making the rim darker.

K solo.12 - 2/16/2018

Well damm. I'm am really impressed .thats is so Life like. I can just imagine how soft she would with Some very soft fuzzy public hair.

Malcolm - 2/21/2017

Your dolls seam to be amazing, However; the construction of the African American dolls vagina is misrepresented with the way it is designed. I know you can do better!

Shaffer - 11/25/2016

Very nice I will be ordering one of these dolls in the near future just because of that nice big wiggle but

Passion Dolls - 11/26/2016

Thank you Shaffer.

Yenso - 12/15/2017

Cuánto cuestan ?

admin - 12/15/2017

Do you mean how much they cost? If so check out the doll page for price.

marcus allen willis - 9/13/2018

hey can you invent a doll that like a real lady girl female that you don't have to share with everybody like a perternity if so lets chat when your not busy or in love with what you do

admin - 10/22/2018

Artificial intelligent doll are not yet there. It will be decades before this will happen.

S13rb25 - 7/6/2017

Hey, mate it's just me, but I cannot view these on mobile. Any way for me to watch these videos without jumping on a computer?

Passion Dolls - 7/9/2017

Not sure, but I was able to view them on my mobile. They are .gif format so it is a photo that moves and not a video file. Maybe try a different browser or use a wi-fi access instead of a your mobile network access.

Zach - 1/11/2017

What about her boobs, are they soft or firm, and do they jiggle easily ?

admin - 1/21/2017

It is very soft. I'll see if we can do a clip videos of it.

Dee - 8/9/2017

I want

Jorge - 10/17/2017

could you get a bambi doll type a and put the krissy bubble ass?

admin - 10/20/2017

Hi, Yes you can. Contact us and we'll show you how.

Jose Lee - 8/13/2017

I wish I was in a position (no pun intended) to buy her now. I know for a fact she would please me like no flesh and bone woman could. What I have dreamed of does not exist, but thanks to such fantastic advances when I do buy one of these fantastic dolls my loneliness, boredom and frustration shall cease. Thank you for doing men like me (who I admit am a perfectionist) a great service by providing the ability to realize my fantasies with the perfect woman.

mav - 12/2/2016

Could I get this body with a different head?

Passion Dolls - 12/3/2016

Yes! Contact us and let us know which head you want.

Passion Dolls - 12/14/2016

Please contact us and we will let you know if payment plan is right for you.

Ban - 12/8/2016

I need to know more about the payments plan. Need one of this dolls right away. ASAP.

Tony campbell - 4/30/2017

I love the way these dolls look im extremely intrested in tabaitha can i get her in black skin please advise thanks tony

Passion Dolls - 5/1/2017

Yes, you can have the doll in white, natural, tan and brown/black. Please send us an email and someone will help you with the order.

Rod - 2/3/2017

Are there african colored krissy dolls

Passion Dolls - 2/15/2017

Yes, you can have it as an ebony doll like this: https://www.passiondolls.com/product/black-dolls-addrian-a Thanks, Passion Dolls

Edward White - 5/10/2017

Please send me details on how to purchase that gorgeous Princess. What's the price?

Passion Dolls - 5/11/2017

Hi, simply select which version of this doll you want: https://www.passiondolls.com/index.aspx?pageid=3670253&chainID=369289&txtQuickSearch=krissy Then add it to the cart and checkout. If you need helps contact us via email and we'll be more than happy to help you out.

P3r50n - 9/3/2017

Can i special order faces for say mercy from overwatch would you make that

admin - 9/17/2017

You can exchange heads from other dolls. If you want a custom head you will need to do a custom head and it will be expensive.

Mav - 12/7/2016

Can you upload more videos for this doll?

Passion Dolls - 12/14/2016

This is all we have so far, but we will do so when they become available.

VK - 4/22/2017

Videos are no longer available

Passion Dolls - 4/30/2017

This is now fixed. Thanks.

John - 5/11/2017

What does the rest of the body look like? Are the breast large or small and are they as jiggles?

admin - 5/11/2017

Hi, the rest of the body look as in the photos of all Krissy photo set. You can search Krissy from the search box on our site at the top right hand corner.

Jake - 10/10/2017

Nice, make the wm152 like this

Stiff Keith - 11/5/2017

Amazing shit godda get 1!!!!. WOW!!!

Christopher - 5/28/2017

Do all the dolls come with this ass type?

Passion Dolls - 5/29/2017

No, just this doll has this ass. Sorry.

Rafael - 6/2/2017

I don't understand how you can show case a product and then leave the customer to search for it when you should directly link the product in your site, it saves the customer a lot of time, so for those who are interested, here you go --- https://www.passiondolls.com/product/exclusive-big-ass-sex-doll-krissy-f , thank me later.

admin - 6/3/2017

There's a search field at the top right hand corner. You can search for any dolls. There are too many Krissy to list and when we add more it is hard to change post as we post many and it isn't possible for us to keep track of them all to update the post.

N M Hvarre - 2/14/2017

How can I find or access the different heads available , .... Krissy doll , ....

admin - 2/15/2017

Hi, almost all heads will fit Krissy's body. However, some head will be made at a different factory so skin tone may not match up 100%. Send us an email and let us know the top 3 heads you want and we will let you know if it will be interchangeable.

N M Hvarre - 2/14/2017

I literally got hard just watching, ... the jiggle ass.

Ruben - 1/2/2017

Is it possible to customize the Krissy doll with bigger thighs and calf and wider hips

admin - 1/21/2017

Hi unfortunately, no :-(. Physical body parts cannot change.

Diddy - 2/20/2017

https://www.passiondolls.com/product/real-love-sex-doll-brandy-a Will this one wiggle and shake just like the vids?

admin - 4/30/2017

No. Not other doll butt is like this.

Chris - 7/30/2018

Wow very Sweet...