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162cm Krissy Doll Wiggliest Bubble Butt Videos

This blog section is dedicated to our exclusive love doll Krissy and we'll show you why she has the best bubble butts in the doll industry.  While there are many dolls with big and even larger butts, no butts is more soft and natural as Krissy.  Check out some of her all time favorite ass photos and short clips below:


WARNING: Before proceeding further, I would like to warn you, this butt is very addictive so do not stare forever or you will get dizzy :-)  

Now to the videos.  The first clip show this cute Krissy doll lying down on her stomach with her ass exposed.  This clip will show the softness test and from the video you can see how easy it is to squeeze her butt cheek.  In addition you can see how easy it is to shake it when you lightly grab it with your hand.


This second video below show just wiggling this love doll's butt is.  With just a light spanking on this doll ass will cause it to shake for a while.  That how wiggling and giggling the ass is!


And if the above clip is not enough, here is another video showing another teeny spank and again you surely can see her ass shake like hell.


Alright, so previous two videos show you what happen when to give this sex doll a little spanking. Now, let's look at what happen if instead of spanking this tushy you push or poke it constantly. The clip below show this doll ass being poked on the right side and then the bottom up:


As you can see from this video, poking her cause the bubble butt to even shake more. Furthermore, look at how the two butt cheeks slap against each other.  Now you can see why this is the best doll butt ever!

Now for the latest update is a clip of Krissy's ass got grab and shake.

                                                           krissy bubble butts

As you can see from the video above the butts still continue to shake for a few seconds after the hand has been removed from her ass. And if you look closely you can see her butt cheeks not only shake side-way but it also jump up and down vertically.

We will try to get more clips soon, so stay butt tune! Share your comments with us.

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Shaffer - 11/25/2016

Very nice I will be ordering one of these dolls in the near future just because of that nice big wiggle but

Passion Dolls - 11/26/2016

Thank you Shaffer.

mav - 12/2/2016

Could I get this body with a different head?

Passion Dolls - 12/3/2016

Yes! Contact us and let us know which head you want.

Passion Dolls - 12/14/2016

Please contact us and we will let you know if payment plan is right for you.

Ban - 12/8/2016

I need to know more about the payments plan. Need one of this dolls right away. ASAP.

Mav - 12/7/2016

Can you upload more videos for this doll?

Passion Dolls - 12/14/2016

This is all we have so far, but we will do so when they become available.